Still Here, Still Foreign

Hi, I’m Megan and I live in Munich.

I moved here from San Francisco. When they hear that, most people ask “WHY?” with audible exclamation marks in their voices. Years ago, as I was considering the move and mulling over my options in my head, I asked myself the exact same question and my answer to myself was another question, “Why not?”… and I couldn’t think of anything.

Thanks to the combined forces of someone’s psychic, two planes, two towers and the Man, all arrows were pointing east (or west depending on how far you’re willing to go) to Germany. When consulted, my boyfriend very romantically said I should ‘get my ass over here’ and since my parents had a big basement where I could store my things and were willing to drop me off at the airport, I asked myself again, “Why not?” and again answered that with another question, “Why not, indeed?”

And there was my answer, and so there I went. I had just turned 25.

Still here, still foreign
began as a barrage of mass emails sent home to the friends and folks, trying to keep in touch and keep track of what was going on. I am a writer with no claims to fame; I try to be entertaining, sometimes at the expense of small, insignificant facts. I don’t apologize for inaccuracies, and in actual fact you should apologize for even thinking of pointing them out. I’m not a tour guide; everyone is responsible for his/her/their own experience on this ride. Questions are always welcome, answers are never promised (but likely).

I never got into using aliases and now it’s too late to turn back. To protect my hide from angry friends I will sometime switch their names around. So if you’re one of my friends and wondering why your name is stuck on what someone else did, well there you go. You know who you are and you know who I am, anyone with problems is welcome to contact me (MeganInMunich at yahoo dot com), I have plenty of other names I can attach to your antics to share the blame and backup alibis. And if you don’t know who I am, well then you’ll never know the difference. When I have the time I try to post old emails from the files, so the back story will slowly unveil itself. I could give it to you all here but that would be long…and tedious, and if you don’t like that reason ask yourself this question,

“Why are you here?”

Exactly, so start reading

This was the original “About Me” section, which I’m finally getting around to rewriting more than two years after getting married . For posterity, I’ve parked it here. Square one seemed like a good place for it.


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