Bavaria is way too Catholic

All you people in America have no idea what you’re missing. But I can’t blame you because I too was once ignorant of what the rest of the world enjoys…and the US lacks.

Today was one of our many days off here in southern Germany. I’m not exactly sure what it’s supposed to be but it loosley translates to ‘happy corpse’ and has something to do with the catholic religion. May is a month with an obscene amount of holidays. I have no idea what all of that days are in honor of but I’m sure one of them marks the days Jesus first ate his vegatables…and maybe his first fiber-laden crap that followed.

Yes we have that many holidays.

Oliver and I had planned to take advantage of the Thursday holiday and go away for the weekend. We are not the only ones with that idea as this is the last long weekend before Christmas.

The roads were packed with people driving cars full of vacation gear heading off to the lake, the beach and Italy.

Sadly we were not among them.

Oliver got word at the last minute that his company wanted him to fly to the USA for a very important seminar. He got word on Friday, packed Saturday and was gone by Sunday noon. From Sunday until Friday morning he is in Newport News.

This translates into: We are not going away this weekend to Italy as planned.

Instead I am cleaning the apartment, tossing away excess junk I don’t need, preparing to switch the bedroom and office in order to create space for a guest room… basically no fun vacation stuff for me.

All the same I don’t have to work on Thursday and for Friday I’m claiming some of my overtime hours.

Nah-nah! I may not be in Italy, but I’m not at work.

Praise Jesus.


One response to “Bavaria is way too Catholic

  1. Well I’ve read about a dozen of your posts … I’m hooked … But I haven’t found the post that says why you came to Germany in the first place… You came very close to it once – then backed away.