Packing My Bags

Went into the office this morning and my boss pulled me into an emergency meeting. When I sat down he said without preamble,

“I’m flying to Seattle tomorrow afternoon and I won’t be back until Saturday night. So you have to fly to Paris Friday.”

Eh? Moi?

I know, I know, it’s Paris and therefore one shouldn’t complain. But here’s the thing: First off, it’s not Paris that I’ll be going to.

My destination is the friggen PARIS AIRPORT HOTEL. That is about a 40 minute cab ride from Paris if the traffic is fair, but it might as well be 40 hours away because I won’t have a chance to go into town because I will be spending TEN days (instead of the four I’d managed to bargin down to) working the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget.

Many will still be thinking at this point: Hello? BUSINESS TRIP, expense account, dinners out, luxury accomodations, power lunches… what is there not to love about this?

The fact that I am waiting for my new visa to come through so I can quit this miserable job and get on with my life. That’s what.

This ‘job’ and I are not a match and I put the word in quotes because the position doesn’t really exist. I have a desk and an email account but after six months almost it is still not clear to me what my job is supposed to be because my boss changes that on a whim. I never got a job description and if asked my boss would be hard put to say exactly what I do besides act as his bitch.

I’m not going to write a long miserable rant about how much I hate this job, that would be boring.

Back to Paris.

I was hoping to quit, actually trying to rationalize quitting just before the show and had even sniffed out a person in another department who was itching to go in my place. I’d managed to push back my participation until the end of the week so that I would have time to break the news to my boss and slip in my substitute.

Now the boss is going to be gone a whole week earlier than planned, making him unavailable for when my visa comes through allowing me to quit.

The best is yet to come.

I had managed to push back my working the show until a Thursday by suggesting to my boss that he use his miles to buy tickets for his family and spend a weekend in Paris, taking a few hours on Saturday morning to build the stand at Le Bourget and then enjoy the city until Sunday when the workers arrive and the family flies home. He invited a favored manager and his wife to join for the weekend too.

Now he and that favored manager are headed to the USA and their families are going to Paris without them… but WITH ME.

I have to go to Paris (the airport actually) for ten days.

I have to go to Paris with my boss’s wife and kid and someone else’s wife for the weekend.

Good Lord, when can I quit?

Bon Jour Paris!


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