Here I Go!

After a whirlwind of preparation including cancelling dinner/drink dates, shopping, dry cleaning and getting my roots done, I am off to Paris at noon today.

My boss’s wife is picking me up, then we pick up their kid at school and head to the airport. Personally I would much rather take the train but I get the impression my boss thinks he’s looking after me by arranging this which leaves me horrified for two reasons: that attitude – although well-intentioned – comes off extremely parental or macho (I can’t decide which) and I plan on quitting this job so I would prefer to keep things as distant as possible.

Of course he doesn’t know any of this.

I also don’t know his wife at all and to have to sit in a car with her for an hour, maybe even getting stuck in traffic with her for a bit, is not high on my list of “Ways to Have a Good Time”. If I had my way we’d be meeting in Paris at baggage claim so I could use my miles card to get into the frequent flier lounge in Munich and let some glasses of wine give me courage for the journey.

Just to prove for once and for all that life is cruel and heartless my visa came through on Tuesday, too late to save me. I had to explain why it was impossible for me to quit before the airshow to my new employers. Argh. They understand but I am champing at the bit to move onto to greener pastures and instead I am doomed to spend ten days in close quarters with my boss and be nice and charming.


I will get through this incredibly uncomfortable weekend ahead of me. See you all at the other side!



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