All Things Must Come To An End

I went in today and quit.

The boss didn’t see it coming and I was expecting the surprise would make him blow a fuse. Instead of fireworks I got quiet acceptance. I did it well though and in a way he couldn’t argue with.

Square peg / Round hole – this was the methaphor I used and it perfectly describes the situation.

So it’s done.

A few co-workers got teary-eyed, I think I will be missed by some. In turn there will be some people there that I will miss. I hate goodbyes.

But better to choose one’s leaving than to be fired and this would have eventually have been the case because this job was never even close to being a match for me.

And in the end that is why I quit, not because of personality issues, not because of sexism in the work evironment or my boss’s temper. He’s an ok fellow, just not someone I want as a boss and the job was not something I could see myself making part of my life for even a few months longer.

Now it’s over.

Two week countdown until I embark upon the new adventure.

Appropriately, my first day will be on July 4th.


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