And In A Flash I Was Gone…

Today was my last official day at work, my desk is clean, my email is empty and my key is in the hands of the boss’s secretary.

Tomorrow, Friday, I get to sleep in and laze about. I traded a vacation day so that I could have a three day weekend before starting at my new job on Monday.

Oliver and I went out to a modest but cool little place that just opened down the street for dinner to relax and people watch. As we toasted my career change over a glass of wine I told him,

“In the immortal words of my ex-boyfriend’s brand-new sister-in-law, the last time I saw her, on the day of her marriage, ‘You’re next’.”

No more job changes, no more focusing on getting me acclimated to the German Way Of Life. I am, as much as I can be right now, Back On Track and starting my third job since moving to Germany almost three years ago.

It is Olli’s turn and about time too.

His PhD is a year old, it’s time to take it out for a spin and see where it takes him. Just please baby, don’t move us to China just yet ok? I need a year to make my new boss love me and let me work from home in Shanghai…


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