These Are The People

Just popped out for a second at 9:30 am to return my DVDs to the automated DVD-ATM-Thing (a wonder in a land with early closing times and no business conducted on Sunday). Walking in the rain under my huge, blue Illuminated Umbrella I didn’t expect to see much activity on the streets.


I stopped at a bakery for fresh pretzels before heading home and managed to see my neighbor, one of the Local Flirty Italian Waiters – who both nodded and said hello – and few familiar neighborhood faces on the street. The only one missing is the Crazy Cat Man but maybe his kitties actually for once refused to go for walks in bad weather. (Ever since starting a job again I have missed spying on the old codger dragging his cats on leashes through the streets, shouting the entire way, just sort of warmed the heart.)

Germany gets up early and today I actually did too.


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