Weekend Widow

Once again Oliver is on a ‘business trip’ to Bonn where he’ll be hanging out with his friends working hard during the day and partying late into the night. Sometime on Sunday he’ll stagger through the door all bedraggled and shabby, his store of mojo pretty much depleted.

It’s good for him, keeps him young and supple.

After three years of a long-term relationship between San Francisco and Munich I’d become pretty accustomed to having my time mostly to myself and just peppered with intermittent doses of boyfriend.

It takes some effort to transition to Constant Togetherness.

Before when we saw each other we were always really intense because our time was limited and we had to cram months of relationship into a week before one of us flew back home. Being here we have to make an effort turn the intensity down a notch, leave a room, shut the door and get some work done.

Even so we spend the majority of our time together, and thankfully no one seems to be getting sick of the other.

I might be a wee bit jealous that he has this whole other portion of his life that I barely see, but I love that it gives me my stag weekends. I don’t have to get up until I feel like it, I can sleep with the TV on and can eat whatever crap I feel like throwing together.

Almost like being in college again.

Last night I rented two DVDs that Olli would never want to watch and stayed up all night eating and drinking in bed. This morning, I had great plans to get up, toss on some clothes and ride my bike across town to an early yoga class and then work at home the rest of the day.

But you know there’s a yoga class tomorrow morning… and it’s raining… and there’s no one here to push me out the door so, screw it.

Another nice thing about being alone, my plans are mine until Sunday.


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