A Little Wrinkle

I’m more “Germanized” than I thought.

Apparently I have become completely accustomed to this feeling of entitlement to vacation because I was way too confident that I would just get the time off I wanted with this new job.

Who could argue with a three week vacation in the USA a month after starting a new job? mmmh?

Especially when the company closes the WEEK before departure, putting everyone on forced vacation?

Did I mention having only 12.5 days vacation left for the year? Where was my math when I reasoned with myself that all would be ok?

Positive thinking will only get you so far baby, better start banking on a BIG FRIGGEN CHUNK OF LUCK.

World please cross your fingers, USA please clap your hands three times if you believe I should see those Golden Gates in August… and mamma, just in case, get ready for a turbo visit.

Otherwise the job is looking good. Little wrinkle but the cloud is still mostly silver!


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