The Fog Is clearing Light Begins To Shine Through The Darkness!

This makes me wonder if more men feel this way. I mean it really makes perfect sense, reasoned from an entirely selfish male POV that lends this statement credibility.

As for me, I like being able to see my feet. I like shoes, I like not tripping over cracks in sidewalks. If I had two watermelons strapped to my chest I would have to give up these beloved aspects of my life.

I also like sleeping on my stomach sometimes, and somehow I think this must cease to be possible after a C-cup.

Small breasts: one can dress them up or dress them down. I’m not going to mess with that versatility.

**Incidently I am learning how to do links. Obviously this post shows that I do not yet know how to do it properly. The above link only goes to the main page and not to the intended post “More than a handful”. Feel free to scroll down to the July 6th post. I will work on this handicap.”


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