Hell In A Handbasket

That’s where I think the world is goin’ sometimes.

Can anyone say vicious circle and redundant rage? Where is it supposed to lead and what is the intended result?

I found myself blabbing at work yesterday after hearing the news. At first I just thought I felt sympathetic and a little sad for them – you know sort of a ‘tsk tsk’ what’s the world coming to thing. But then, as I sat there with my NEW coworker trying to edit text about computer-giuded surgery I start spilling stories and snippets of being in San Francisco and staring at the TV trying to comprehend that this was not a movie and that not everyone got out ok.

Some people were leaning a little more towards war in the Middle East yesterday, which I found totally dismaying.

I am against unneccesary and premature death in any and all forms. It’s just too sad. I won’t participate in that, I just can’t.

I was obviously more deeply impressed by this that I initially acknowledged, I continue to be.

The key thing that gets me is not the violence, or the fear or the hatred: it’s the reasoning. I don’t see it. I see no solution, I see no compromise and no victory.

I see pointlessness.

If I could see a goal, a path being followed then I could wrap my mind around it.

But there’s nothing.

How can that be?


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