Before There Was A Website, There Were Drunken Letters-To-The-Editor

Everybody does it these days. In today’s world something you do will end up on-line, so in some form or another you will eventually find yourself noted on the Internet. It’s a big world out there and an even bigger Web. Before I had this forum to vent to, I did two things to get my thoughts out there (aka unload): I’d email everyone in my personal address book, or I’d compose letters to the editor on The latter I usually did while sitting at home evenings with a glass of wine, working myself up into a good state of righteous indignation and then letting world know about it.

I’ve been known to post an odd opinion or two on a few other websites as well.

Occasionally I’ll google myself to see what’s still remaining out there, or to find out exactly how prolific my opinions were the last time I was home alone too long with a bottle of red wine.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found this letter-to-the-editor published on I can’t say that I actually realized it was mine at first or that I initially could remember writing it; but after reading it, I recognized my grammar, style and opinion. Gradually a fuzzy memory of the article and my annoyance trickled through the fog in my brain and I recognized a reference inspired by a novel I must have been reading at the time. It was definitely one of my late night ravings.

Given that you now know the history and flawed state I was in while composing this little ditty, I hope you’ll be pleasantly complimentary in agreeing with me that it ain’t half so bad.

Hell, I done and got myself published on the internet.


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