Mr. Drive

I knew that one day Oliver and I would have a chauffeur, and that it was just a matter of patience. Last night was our maiden voyage with a nifty new little driver service in town called Mr. Drive.

We were at a beer garden yesterday while showing the Head of Human Resources for the Royal House of Oman around town. He had a coffee while we demurely showed him what Germans do at noon on weekends in beer gardens. During the course of this very normal early afternoon, Oliver picked up this flyer at the cashier’s hut. We were both intrigued and decided to give it a go last night.

Our friend Nina had invited us to an evening at her boyfriend’s apartment grilling on the balcony. Normally in cases like this we would be late, jump into a taxi instead of taking public transportation and then take a taxi home due to late hours and alcohol consumption.

Instead we thought, ‘Why not try being late, driving our OWN car and be driven home later, inebriated, in our OWN car by a COMPLETE STRANGER?’

Brilliant idea!!!

Actually I was more taken with the way the driver arrives and was willing to plunk down cash to see it all in action.

In reading the flyer/website, we learned that the driver shows up on a little motorscooter that FOLDS up to fit into most trunks. He drives you home and then whips out his scooter and wizzes off to the next customer.

How cool is THAT? We had to see this for ourselves.

Last night, after I had taken at least two major cat naps in my chair while the rest of the native German speakers chatted on into the night, we ordered our driver.

He met us on a street corner nearby, walked with us to the car and then proceeded to FOLD his adorable little tiny scooter into something the size of a small suitcase and then ZIPPED IT into a duffel bag that was gasoline and oil-proof and put it in the back of the car.

I was completely enchanted with the thing, only slightly less so when he told me that it would cost about 1,500 Euros to have one of my very own. How can one not be charmed by a motorcycle that folds up to practically fit into your pocket?

Our Mr. Driver took us straight home, carefully parked the car in our garage and then let me gawk at him while he unfolded his scooter and whooshed off into the night to save another would-be drunk driver from his own vices.

The best part was that the cost was a little more than a one way cab ride. They charge a pick-up rate of just under 5 Euros and then charge by the kilometer. Being within the city limits, we saved on one cab ride and got to be in our own car the whole way. Plus I was marvelously entertained to boot.

Some other cities, like London and Tokyo, have had services like this for years. In Bremen, Oliver told me, you can order a “taxi with angel” and a taxi with two drivers will show up and take you can your car home, charging you twice the rate or a normal cab. Mr. Drive serves only Munich right now and is just one week old. I sincerely hope it takes off because more people should ride around on incredibly tiny motor vehicles, this will encourage the proliferation of SMART cars and Minis and other cute little modes of transportation.

The world needs to be cuter and cuddlier.


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