May I Interest You In A Cold Beverage?

Carolin buzzed into town yesterday to crash at our place.

Her job as a flight attendant has recently caused her to spend a lot of time with us, unfortunately on the sofa because we haven’t managed to re-arrange stuff to make room for a hide-a-bed (sorry, it’s on the to-do list!). She’s now based out of Munich, lives in Berlin, and flies the long distance routes all over the world.

It sounds exotic at first but when it comes down to the details you realize it’s hard bloody work and can sometimes be a pain. This time for instance she’s on standby, which means she could be called at any time within 24 hours to go anywhere. I know it still sounds kind of cool but think of this one detail:

Try packing to go ANYWHERE in the world when limited to one suitcase.

Yeah, not so easy when you have to take places like Tehran into account and make room for the burqa…and when your 24-hour day starts at 5am when you have to be dressed and ready to be at the airport within an hour.

Respect to the future sister-in-law. I can barely manage to keep it to two suitcases when I go somewhere for the weekend.

Caro has worked as a stewardess for about four years and her route was restricted to the European continent – which is quite enough cool places to satisfy a girl – but she decided to switch to the long routes right before she got married. She very practically realized that she may want to have kids and settle down and why not see a bit more of the world before then?

Between flights she stays with us and is a great houseguest, actually the only thing I can complain about is that she is so careful and polite. She’s always apologizing for being a bother and trying to be as unobtrusive as possible and my attempts to make her feel at home never quite get the message across to her that she can relax and be herself.

Coming home today I realize we may have a had a breakthrough in this area, I may have found the key to unlocking Carolin out of ‘houseguest’ mode and into ‘housemate’ mode.

Secret: Leave a HUGE fucking mess.

Coming home today I realized something was different. I’d been in too much of a hurry to really pick-up before she’d come or after dinner last night. Entering the hallway, everything looked extremely orderly, going into the kitchen I saw that the table was clear, dishwasher was empty and the spots on the floor were no longer where I left them…

Somebody’s been cleaning in my kitchen…somebody put a trash bag in the bathroom wastebasket…I’m afraid to check the bedroom…

Goldilocks was here.


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  1. Send goldilocks to my house!!!