Coming To America – Hi Mom & Dad

This is exclusivley for my parents who are reading this right now.

I have full approval for my vacation from my new boss, we will be seeing each other on the 20th of August. Oliver and I are flying together for the first time, both ways!

Olli’s sister and mother are visiting this weekend to go to a concert. We were just dropping them off when you called – at a new five star hotel in town – it was amazing to see, sorry the connection was broken.

We are going to dinner in 20 minutes to the place where we’ll have my birthday dinner, so you will soon know it as well: Makassar.

Should be good fun.

Sorry it wasn’t such a great time to talk, keep your mobile phone handy this weekend when you go out. I wil call you when I have time to really talk, because I’ve missed talking to you too and I don’t want anyone feeling rushed.

Love you, miss you and really looking forward to when you come over here and finally see what I’ve been talking about this whole time.

Get your passports in order! 🙂

Love you – Megan


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