Happy Birthday Baby

“You know you’re getting old, when your mother gives you wrinkle cream.” -Oliver Hennig

Today Oliver turned 34.

Yesterday he showed me some photos from a ski trip with friends a few years back. It took place soon after I had returned to the US after our first long visit together in 2000. I looked at these pictures and then looked at the man sitting next to me.

There is no denying the differences.

This is next big step for us all. First we go from child to teenager – almost overnight – and everyone marvels at the change. Then we go from teenager to young adult – not quite so fast, some of us need more time than others – it comes gradually and one day we realize we’re there.

This phase lasts long enough that we’re lulled into a sense of permanence.

Then comes 30…31… and slowly the baby fat finally melts away and the smile lines settle in.

well sweetie, Happy 34th Birthday,

and might I add:

Thirty-four looks damn good from where I’m sitting.


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  1. Great reading, keep up the great posts.
    Peace, JiggaDigga