Getting out of the box

(First let’s hope that my monkeying with the link has made this work. When you get there give it a second to download.)

Things like this make me sorely miss being a university student. Something about being in that environment makes you so open to trying things you would never normally do. Creativity becomes ok and you jump to join in and play along when someone comes up with some weird idea of how to pass the time.

I know I know, it’s not like I couldn’t try to keep that spirit alive in my daily life now. But as we all know, life changes, becomes more complicated and you have to worry about things like how many more clean paris of socks and underpants remain and do you have enough deodorant left in the stick to make it a few more days before you have to go to the store again.

This is exactly why I love little reminders like this that shake you out of your ‘adult dream’ and wake you up to the fact that you’re a long long way from dead and nothing other than death need be taken so seriously.

Live a little, have some fun, get a box and run around in it, but always think outside of it.

This happy little film made its way to me via Oliver who gets, and actually reads, his Fulbright Alumni magazine.

Yep Oliver was a Fulbright scholar, Mr. Smartypants.

Before you start thinking he’s a total genious I think I’ll have to direct everyone to the fact that even total geniuses can miss the blaringly obvious and be completely helpless in areas outside their forte. This I find very affirming and interpret to mean that there is a place for everyone in this world and that balances out the human race.

Hmm interesting sidenote that was…I believe the word I am searching for right now is “any-way”…

The film was written up in the Fulbright Alumni magazine by a German architecture student who did some time at Virginia Tech. Well, having spent some time in the CAL architecture building while dating the boyfriend-who-later-became-a-dentist, and having wittnessed their crazy antics, I can easliy believe that it all happened exactly as he said:

One day there were 17 boxes in the building and the students all looked at each other and thought, “Field trip adventure!!” and went out into the world to spread some box love. Thanks to modern day technology it was documented and sweetly packaged into the film found at the links above.

Give it a looksy.

In honor of the boxes I am creating a new category on this site for antics/topics/articles/etc. done in the same spirit.

I hope I find some more.


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