Pack it in, pack it out

Just had a day at work that could be summed up as rotten.

I got caught in a meeting with our CEO who it turned out did not know I was going on vacation the following week and would be gone three weeks. The boss was not thrilled and seemed to think it invalidated the meeting overall and therefore wasted his time.

I am pretty sure I was being too sensitive, which just proves how much I need this vacation.

Transitioning from one job to the next without a break in between, when the job being left had been so awful was a huge mistake. But thanks to German immigration and labor laws it couldn’t be helped.

Running into my boss’s sister who just happens to be someone I really like and admire shortly thereafter just made it worse because I was unable to hide how I was feeling.

I go on vacation tomorrow and will try not to think about it all very much.

I am looking forward to this vacation – I need some time in my crazy, conservative, sinkhole of a country.

Lookout USA and California, here we come.


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