The things I wish could be imported but probably would cease to appreciate so much if they actually were

These things cannot be had in Germany or at least not to people living in our ‘normal’ income level and I intend to enjoy them to the fullest during my visit to the States:

Morning Star Farms fake meat (especially breakfast sausage links and patties)
Good TexMex / Mexican food
Diet Coke
Now & Later
Diet Mountain Dew
Cranberry Juice
Microbrew beer
Fat free anything
Baked potato chips
Fish jerky
Over-the-counter medications
REAL tomatoes
Spicy tuna rolls
Cheap sushi
Sandwiches (without eggs and other random fillings)
Red Whips
Peanut Butter pretzel bites
Portabella mushrooms
Tortilla chips
English books…..

Back in three weeks. Ciao!


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