Hola Munich

Back in Munich after three weeks of running around the West Coast in the USA.

Our flight back was rather uneventful… sort of.

My Dad dropped us off at SFO. The United ticket agent mistook Oliver’s Lufthansa Miles and More credit card for a gold senator card and not only didn’t weigh our baggage but tagged them as priority granting them first class treatment across the Atlantic.

This was better than what we were to get in economy class.

After getting through security and putting back on all our clothes we headed over to the try the business lounge to find that not everyone at United is clueless about Frequent Flyer cards. So then we headed to the local sushi bar to bury our rejection in some sake, beer and sushi. It was 10 am and but already 7pm in our destination city so we did our best to catch up before getting on the plane.

Good thing we did as the airline meals we were served could only be described as slop if one was feeling kind.

Sushi always has a sedetary effect on me which was useful as the rows next to us were packed with fidgety, cranky crying children who made a non-stop racket until landing in London where we were able to ditch them and run into the Lufthansa lounge until our connection to Munich departed.

Shortly after arrival we learned Oliver had to pinch-hit for a colleague which meant repacking him into smaller suitcases and putting him on a train this evening for Frankfurt where he will battle jet lag alone in a hotel room. I’m about to go to bed and he won’t even arrive there until 1am.

Oliver will make it back juuuust in time for the tapping of the first keg at Oktoberfest, won’t be much of a relaxing weekend for him.

I feel sorry for him. I am so over food that I haven’t personally prepared and a bed that isn’t mine.

Three weeks is pretty much my travel limit.

Good to be home.


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