As suspected

Just as I thought.

While we were away in the US, summer came and just a swiftly went. Three weeks and a whole season has passed in our absence. The light comes noticeably at an angle, getting that cool Fall feeling. The scent of wood fires burning is in the air, although still faint. There’s a chill in the air, especially in the mornings and yesterday I spotted frost on a car window.

It is O-ver.

Oktoberfest will start in the rain tomorrow… and I’ll be bringing a sweater.

I’m actually looking forward to winter, my winter clothes suit me better. I love the boots and sweaters, coats, scarves and gloves. It’s the only time when I know how to properly accessorize. I still haven’t managed to find good winter shoes with the right sole on them so I don’t fall on my ass. Must go shopping, damn.

Fall kind of blows but I officially welcome winter, lay it on me.


4 responses to “As suspected

  1. Hey, I think you should use a Burning Man pic. from last year,the one with you in the burka, kneeling with the doll’s heads on your chest for the “About Me” section!!!!!! C’mon! Is there a way for you to add the counter for how many visitors visit your site?


  2. We can’t compliment you on design and implementation?
    I hope this is easy for you to use so we can get updates.
    But we don’t want an update about you and the Italian revelers, K?

  3. The embarassing fact is this: I do not know html and I relied on the designer’s recommendation for the software this runs on. Movable type is apparently great if you know programming but at this point I can’t even italicize anything. Olli has some ideas but I am worse at this stuff than German, so I have some growing to do.

  4. oh … and there is a way to put a counter in, but that would very sad at this point. I thinkwe’re still working on two hands here… let’s revisit that idea in a decade or so. 😉 – MD