Italian weekend

This is the second Saturday of Oktoberfest and for once the weather is gorgeous. There are a lot of happy drunk Italians in town this weekend. The second weekend of Oktoberfest is unofficially called “Italian Weekend” by, oh, just about everyone.

No one can say exactly why, but this is the weekend when countless numbers of Italians swarm the city bringing RVs, trailers and – if nothing else is to be had – a Hertz rental truck packed with young men ready to party.

All over the city you’ll be hearing something along the lines of, “Bella, bella! You come to me? You drink with me? I am nice man, I come from Italy. You so bea-u-tiful, you take picture with me? You want my tele-phone number? I go home with you yes?”

This can all be mixed and mashed and served up in a munber of varieties but bascially boils down to the same thing. Said in a garbled mixture of Italian, German and the universal default language – English – this is the Italian mating call, and although I’ve never seen it succeed, they keep coming back with it so I guess it’s proven itself useful.

Oktoberfest is always rowdy but on the weekends it’s ruled by the tourists and becomes exponentially crazier.

The first weekend and few days of Oktoberfest belong to the Germans, you still hear mostly German when you walk around and no one offers you undying macho love in return for holding his privates for a photo-op.

Now it all changes.

In come the Italians, English, Americans and the Australians.

In an informal survey I conducted at work, most agreed that the Australians were the worst because they have this idea that the ultimate Oktoberfest experience must include public exposure of genitalia and streaking. You’ll see a lot of them wearing t-shirts with checklists of things to do.

Penis, boobs and bums seem to always be at the top.

Germans get rowdy too, but they don’t seem to flash as much as the Brits or Australians. I think there’s a sauna connection there. They get naked with each other all the time, the attraction and shock value just isn’t there. They also get drunk and rough it up but somehow I still think of them as a little more orderly when they do it.

I see more Germans try and puke in a container rather than on the ground than any other group. I even saw one guy search for the side of the container that wasn’t recycling.

Not everyone is so concientious!

So I am gearing up to go downtown and do a little shopping. There will be crowds there too but hopefully no projectile vomit.

Happy Oktoberfest.


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