Hi everyone! Here’s where I’ve been hiding all the emails and announcements.

Knowing my weakness for procrastination and letting the world get in the way, I had to see if I could stay faithful to a website before letting you all in on it.

As you can see by going through the archives I don’t have a perfect record but it’s not all bad either. Some little details are still in the making but this is it for the most part.

Please don’t congratulate me for the look, that credit all goes towards Kathy and Moxie Studios who did the design and implementation. A Christmas present from Oliver, it took a few tries and some time but resulted in this site, which I’m pretty happy with.

Since I haven’t managed to figure out the “About Me” section, let me just confirm what (hopefully) most of you sent here have figured out:

This is Megan. I live in Munich. I’ve been here three years. I live with Oliver – an honest man of whom I will be making next year in June. I’m from California, most recently from San Francisco. I did not vote for Schwarzenegger, but he is not the reason I moved either. I moved here just before Thanksgiving 3 years ago but only because I got the dates wrong (stupid November). I’ve learned German, dealt with the whole culture shock-thing, gotten a job and am (sort of) back on my feet as an adult again. Germans are a trial and an endless source of humor for me, as are my numerous mistakes. I have a pretty good time here, and will continue to share it with my friends (and others), only now with a few less intrusive mass emails. Hope you check in on me, but don’t forget to write.

Beware of two things: I elaborate when I feel it’s needed for color and I won’t bother to warn you when I do. If you know me, then you’ll know when I do it and if you don’t…well why should I care? Everyone has one of these sites these days and less than 5% are actually truthful. You want news? Check out the BBC online.

Also I backdate like a madwoman. Meaning I will backdate posts and put them up after the date has passed. For some in this ‘genre’ this sacrilege is a hanging offense. Well screw that, just because I’m tardy doesn’t mean I can’t make up for it, it’s my world here and no one else’s. So browse if you want the whole story.

For the most part my friends won’t notice either one of these faults. And if they do they’ll mostly shrug it off. And for those times when none of those things apply, well you who matter know how to reach me and you who don’t… well… there’s a saying in mind that is two words, both starting with “T”.


Let’s keep in touch though, ok?


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