German reds

I found this excerpt from an old email, seems pretty relevant today:

“Birds migrate south for the winter and so seems to be the “German Reds”. While women’s hair here still has the alarming tendency to be a garish bright red, orange or fuschia color, the red is drifting downwards… A woman passed me yesterday with dark orange hair and bright pink eyebrows… Lord knows where it will head next, this epidemic shows no sign of slowing down…”

German women tend to have this strange medical affliction called the ‘German Reds’. It’s a form of dementia mixed with color blindness that leads them to dye their hair inhman tones of red and parade around town in great flocks like parrots.

Oliver says it’s because they’re all so cheap they do home dye jobs and there must have been a sale on auburn.

Maybe. But you see too many purples and oranges too. There’s no sale on that, you can’t even BUY that, they have to do that on purpose. And some do just one or two shocks of hair, like feathers, they gradually build up plumage.

Got my hair done Monday. It was needing it pretty badly. Ever since I’d returned from the desert it had been screaming for medical attention. Nothing like alkaline dust and sun to bleach your hair white.

I let my stylist put some sort of henna conditioning rinse through it. I am no longer blond. What I am now, and if I like it really, I’m not sure. After washing it a few more times we’ll know. Could be that I fit in the with German reds if it gets any pinker.

It’s never great sign if no one comments on your hair at work right after you’ve had it done.


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