Little Stranger

Our resolve to wait to get a cat until we have a better apartment has been tested sorely by Mona’s visit and the incident that happened last week on Tuesday.

With Mona happily snuggled next to me I woke up to the sound of loud meowing. It got louder and more insistent. Being me, that was hard to ignore. I got up and checked the streetside window.

Nothing. The meow came again and sounded like it was coming from the courtyard.

I checked the back window, nothing. Still this loud meowing continued.


After locking Mona in the kitchen, I opened the door and in shot a white blur and headed towards the living room.

I thought: Fate had chosen not to stop at granting us one cat.

Now we had TWO… (quick look at the clock)…at 5 in the morning.

Oliver asked me what it was and I said, “I don’t know…but I think it’s MINE”.

Little Stranger.jpg

Oliver had every reason to be nervous. I was already explaining “Finders, Keepers” when he pointed out the collar she was wearing.

Inside a little charm was a very long note:


Hello! My name is Lina and I am a very sweet, trusting and affectionate
cat. I really like to take walks through Haidhausen {our neighborhood}.
Please don’t keep me at your house! My family lives at {insert nearby
address} and my cat door is always open. Thank you!

At the end there were THREE contact numbers in case anyone doubted the sincerity of the note. This pretty effectively killed all my reasons for keeping her with me.

I did however cuddle a bit and I can say that family is lucky she was sent home. It took me about ten minutes to put her down when I took her to the street to let her go.

Just her and me in my pajamas on a dark street at 5am.

I keep hoping she’ll come back.


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