Long weekend

We have another three day weekend coming up and for ONCE it’s not due to Jesus doing something barely significant. It’s the day of German unification so it’s celebrated nationwide. This means that no one was in the office today who could help it. Most tried to make the most out of this long weekend.

The rest are getting on the road now. Those legendary autobahns? Dizzying speeds of travel? Not this weekend bub, all roads are jammed with cars. Oliver is sitting in traffic outside the city somewhere, cursing the day Germany decided to cuddle. No one is getting anywhere in a hurry this weekend.

Well we will, but only because we managed to think ahead and buy plane tickets. It’s Olli’s mother’s birthday so we’re headin’ north to keep her company. In the process we’ll be checking out our wedding location and going over details. This may be it until Monday…

Have a nice weekend!


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