Reds avoided

I’ve relaxed about my worry that I would end up with pink hair or worse following my last salon vsit. Elfi, my stylist, hit another one out of the ballpark and I was wrong to even doubt it for a second.

Once bitten twice shy.

Almost two years ago now I had a huge culture clash with a woman at another salon in town. It was a relatively hip place. My regular sylist was out sick, the new girl stepped in.

We discussed what I wanted in half German, half sign-language-of-foreigners. I ended it with ‘not too light, not blond.’

I should mention here that the girl was Spanish and a newcomer to Germany.

Once a Spanish guy in my language class described me, to the class in German as blond. I had dark brown hair at the time. This led to a lengthy discussion about the effect culture has on the perception of color. A lot it turned out. This was a lesson I wish had been on the forefront of my memory before I let this girl touch my hair.

Rather than ‘not blond’ I ended up dark black and looking like a plague victim. For her this was ‘not blond’ and she was mystified at my dismay.

It took over a year to lighten my hair. The only thing good was that it brought me to my current salon, where they never make a mistake. Even when I think it is, it isn’t.

Like today. Not pink, not red, not white, just right.


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