Amnesia cured

Setting: Half a year ago, in a supermarket.

M: Hey what’s this herb-looking thing here? Baerlauch?

O: Um… I don’t know. No idea.

Setting: Two days ago, Carolin’s kitchen, Berlin.

C: (in German) Here try this spread, it’s made with Baerlauch, you have a lot of that down in Bavaria, but I’m not sure really what it is…

O: (interrupting in German) Oh yeah Baerlauch, it’s this big leafy green herb, sort of like chives, that grows during certain…

(ten minutes go by)

O: (continuing)…it’s great in pestos, soups and cheeses, and you know when you go hiking in early summer, when the air is still crisp in the mornings? You go through the woods and everything smells like onions and garlic? That’s Baerlauch.

M: (giving long hard look)

O: What?


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