New girl in town

There is a new Americanerin in our midst, she is the girlfriend of a guy we know who just finished business school in the US. He came back to Germany with a job with McKinsey and Margaret.

She may not feel it now, but she’s had it pretty easy.

Being able to put her stuff with her boyfriend’s (who was being moved by the company), she came over with a container full of clothes, furniture and bike, instead of two suitcases, for free.

Being from a state other than California meant she was able to get a driver’s license. Just like that.

Being supported by a full-time working boyfriend she’s able to sign up for the good language course and is studying hard towards German fluency. (my recomendation)

And damn if I didn’t finally pass over info on how she could get a bikini wax, yet another vital thing I had to do without when I came over here.

The school of hard knocks needs pupils, I have got to stop this helpful streak.


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