Best place on earth

There’s fog in Munich at the moment.

I used to tell people that was the one thing Bavaria didn’t seem to have. Now all of a sudden it’s here. I’m loving it but it’s making me a wee bit homesick.

Where lack of salsa failed, fog is making me miss the city quite a bit.

Only those who have lived there can understand that fog in San Francisco is like a person you see every day. It’s a living breathing part of the city. It changes the entire feeling, a mood change that just makes it more intriguing to live there. So many times in the evening my bus would be late – or not show at all – and I’d walk home to Pacific Heights, up those long hills, into the fog.

One minute it’d be late evening sunshine and the next minute my hair would frizz and I’d be taking in these big deep lungfilling breaths of fog. People would fade in and out as they walked by, lights would twinkle more and the street sounds would dampen and muffle.

I fell in love with the city like that. When I was still at school across the bay I had a panoramic view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate. I would open all the windows and sit on the sill with the heat below me cranked up to keep from freezing. I’d sit there and watch the sun set and the fog roll in and I’d dream about what life would be like in three years when univeristy was over and I could move in there.

I don’t think when I moved away that I really accepted that it was for maybe the last time and that I would really end up living so far away where there was no bay, no hills and no fog.

I love it here, but I miss there.

I did a little search of webcams and found, among a ton of broken links, a few good for peaking in and checking up on things.

San Francisco WebCams

Sailing Cam


CBS 5: Weather Cams

Kron 4 Cam

EarthCam – SF wharf


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