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Two weeks ago I was taking a walk with my co-workers around Starnberg Lake, having lunch at a local place called the Three Roses and browsing through the Bucheim museum.

The lake and the shores were heavily populated with migratory birds who have already flown in to settle for the winter. All the leaves were yellow and the breeze was still warm. We walked all day, stopping to sit on benches along the shore, just shooting the breeze and getting to know one another. To get us there the company lent us a car and gave us all a half day off.

Not all benefits of a good employer are monetary. This one gives me time and freedom.

In Germany they call Indian Summer a “Golden Fall”, and we’ve had a good run this year. Walking around the lake was a great way to soak in the Fall one last time and say goodbye to the green grass and blue sky.

Since then the skies have gotten steadily grayer, fog has been lingering morning and night and the evenings are cold enough to keep the heat turned up.

I’m settling in nicely at this job – much much better than that last one – and I’m ready for winter.

(**That’s me in front in the red jacket.)


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