As long as you love me so….

Oliver and I spontaneously met with our friend Julia in the Irish pub around the corner. Tonight it was packed with people, mostly expats judging from the conversation overheard.

At some point around 11pm, I looked out the window to see the very first real snow of the season coming down. It’s now almost 1 am, Oliver’s in bed, I’m on my way and now the big flakes are coming down.

Three years ago (almost to the day) we walked into the same Irish pub and ordered two cappuccinos while we waited to view the apartment we live in now. We fell in love with the neighborhood, the snow covered streets and the cozy pub at the corner. For this reason we failed to notice the ugly 70’s revival kitchen with leaf tiles and the window-less bathroom. We were THAT charmed.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

(…but a balcony really would be nice. What the hell were we thinking?)


2 responses to “As long as you love me so….

  1. Frost on the windshield this morning. Not the real thing, but definitely getting wintery. My colleagues call this area “The California of Slovenia”, which sounds ridiculous but isn’t such a stretch: mountains, seacoast, whitewater rivers, etc. But no L.A., for better or worse. It can get chilly here, but actual snow falling in the valleys is rare. I’m not sure whether to feel envious or not…

  2. …trudging home in the slush, I would say you shouldn’t feel any influence at all from the green monster. Not just yet.