Shoppers, take your places….

Marienplatz Weinachtsmarkt

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On your mark… get set…. Christmas cheer!

Went downtown Saturday under the mistaken impression that the Christmas markets opened on Sunday. Instead of a mob of shoppers I was confronted with a DRUNKEN AND MERRY mob of shoppers and twice the normal amount. For those not in the know: it is a recipe for disaster to shop downtown sober during the Christmas season. Unless you partake of the liquid Christmas cheer you are a ticking time bomb and are likely to run amok biting the heads off small children and dogs…or at least I am.

Oliver and I have a set routine. We get downtown and he gets me a gluehwein or two until the fire stops shooting out of my eyes, frying the people around me. (It also helps get him bigger and better presents.)

This routine is a must, it’s the only way to survive the pushing the shoving, the maddeningly slow people who always seem to choose to walk the slow walk right in front of YOU and ALWAYS when you’re in a hurry.

After a mug or two (and maybe a cookie) the sugary concoction reaches your head and unclenches your teeth, the headache goes away and the people who were annoying a minute before suddenly become background to a cheery, sparkly holiday setting like the picture here.

Not bad for a camera phone is it? Would have been better without my finger in it though.


2 responses to “Shoppers, take your places….

  1. i enjoy your blog. (hope you visit mine & enjoy it.)

    i also am an american expat, but living in africa (kenya).

    your experiences with the german driver’s license text resonated; my wife & i lived in england in the mid-90s & we had to take the test there (passed!). it was WAY harder than the USA test was.

  2. Way to go on passing your driver’s test! What a relief that must be.

    We went downtown yesterday for Sunday shopping and the Weihnachtsmarkt and everyone was very civilised – no much drunkenness to be seen. But there’s still time…