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Looking out the window this morning pigs flew by, they really must have anyway because my parents are here.

You read me right. After three years, almost to the day of my moving, Dad finally got Mom on a plane and through customs despite the loads of contraband and way more alcohol than is normally allowed.

Last night I took them to the local Christmas market and liquored them up good, stuffed them with pizza and tucked them in bed. When I left this morning Mom was showing signs of life and Dad was still all snuggled in, poor guy’s wiped out.

This afternoon I leave work early, load them into the car and head off for Austria, picking up Oliver along the way from his conference in Chiemsee.

We’ll try not to remind my parents that this is my first road trip since getting legally licensed and we’ll try to hide the fact that I still don’t get distances in the metric system and get confused when the navigation systems tells me a turn is coming in 300 meters.

I really have no idea if that is 20 feet or what. I just look wildly and wait for the voice to say sternly ‘Now, turn right NOW, HERE!’

This so far has worked which is probably why I did so well on my second driving test – my instructor seems to have moved into my navigation and acquired a feminine voice.

Luckily in Germany passengers can drink in the car, so I’ll buy ’em some beers along the way, I’m sure that will make Mom relax.

Where we are headed in Austria there is tons of snow, loads of it. Normally there is not, the gods are showering their blessings down upon us. It must be because they approve that my parents are finally here and are finally meeting Oliver’s parents.

Yep, after six years together, our parents will finally be introduced, six months before our wedding. Oliver’s mother is all excited and called me just now to check on what the Americans do for coffee. Should be an interesting weekend.

I pick them up at four. I left them at home with a map, keys, a working mobile phone with our numbers programmed into it and a 50 euro allowance to tide them over.

This is their first trip abroad in over 35 years. The last time they had one passport with my mother added on like an accessory.

Yesterday when I picked them up at the airport they were so late coming off I was certain customs was giving them the anal probe. They came out the gate finally, a little travel weary. They would have been better rested if they had figured out how to recline their seats more than 20 minutes before landing.

An eight hour flight sitting ramrod straight will take a lot out of most people. Dad told me not to tell anyone about the seats, it would be too embarassing.

Don’t worry Dad, I won’t.


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