Little bundle of trouble

He’s cute. He’s charming. He never cries, always smiles, is interested, playful and engaging.

Everyone loves him.

He’s good at parties. When it gets to be too much you can set him in a corner and he’ll just go to sleep.


He may look peaceful, but he’s a huge mess o’ trouble.

Meet Oskar.


The new German invasion. All of a sudden this little pixie is everywhere. Part of the baby explosion that’s erupting in my generation, Oskar is the latest project of our friends Sierk and Tessa, born just before our annual party in the desert.

Germany has such a population problem at the moment (whole towns are dying out), I suggested that they go on tour and stimulate the German Family Breeding program. This kid is that cute.

Of course this means that all the rest of you are screwed: only one perfect child is born per century. He was it, so that means all the rest will be spawns of Satan, or at least really whiney and tons of trouble.

At first all of us were so bewildered by his good nature, we sort of wondered if maybe he was just a wee bit on the simple side. Maybe, we thought, a few glasses of wine each week really isn’t ok…? SO far the doctors assure his parents he’s fine.

But I’m starting to think the little guy’s rubbing off on one too many people.


I dunno, maybe I’m paranoid, but it may be a good idea to keep the birth control methods under lock and key…



3 responses to “Little bundle of trouble

  1. Ahhhh!!!! He’s so cute! I love the kinds of babies that you can totally see what they’re gonna look like as middleaged businessmen.

  2. since i’m taking in all things baby right now, I’ll put a point in the not all kids are shitty column.

    I’m glad to see you up and writing. you’re hysterical lady.

  3. thank you for your visit today …

    and yes, babies are a good thing!