Smells like salvation


Going through a collection of ‘photos of 2005’ during an idle moment at work the other day, a coworker and I found ourselves staring at an image of the pope lying in state. Taken apparently from the ‘mourner position’, the view goes right up the pope’s nose.

coworker: He doesn’t look like they preserved him very well.

me: That’s because he isn’t, they never embalm the pope, he goes out au natural.

coworker: Good grief, imagine the heat of a Roman summer and the stench of a rotting pope.


Since we’re on the topic:

I’ve been away too long to know, but what happened to the Pope table at Buca di Beppo?

pope table.jpg

Is the new guy now under glass?


One response to “Smells like salvation

  1. How did you get this picture? Did you have it tucked away in a picture archive somewhere or did Alicia send it to you?