Gentlemen, start your engines

Friday night, Oliver and I took ourselves out for a nice dinner at Makassar. As the place was packed we sat at the bar and chatted with the staff and other regulars. We tried some nice new white wines and were invited to try two really nice Spanish calvados.

Waking up Saturday morning, I roll over to greet my loving partner beside me. I encounter an accusing if not also slightly bemused glare.

“You fell asleep on me last night!”

“I did?” (searching brain for helpful last memory of previous evening)

“You fell asleep on me right in the middle!!”

“The middle of what?”

“My sentence!”

Apparently the German version of “how you doin’?” just took too damn long.


2 responses to “Gentlemen, start your engines

  1. I have fallen asleep mid sentence also, your father’s that is!
    Men think we will endure anything and look so surprised when we can’t. Maybe the fact that we give birth gives them that idea?…hummm.

  2. Proof that my subtle comments in order to spare the sensibilities of certain readers actually works. If my mom can go straight to the birth process as an example, I think I’m allowed to get more graphic. 🙂