Take the sausage, leave the cannoli

After a rowdy Friday night that I am still remembering in pieces and am a bit afraid to see all the photographic evidence of, Oliver and I spent much of Saturday and Sunday just lounging about. Because of the age of our building (and landlady), we have no cable. Instead we watch whole seasons of american tv shows in marathon sessions.

Coming back into the room after the seventh-inning stretch, Oliver asks,

“Did somebawdy just whack Tony?”

Perhaps we should inject just a little bit more German culture into our home life, or I’m gonna wake up livin’ wid’ a Soprano.


One response to “Take the sausage, leave the cannoli

  1. We’re in the middle of a Sopranos marathon ourselves!

    We just got HBO.

    Man, I love that show.

    Send me your e-mail address, and I’ll give you the details of our crazy diet clinic and some crazy before-and-afters. The pills are fabulous, unfortunately, we’ve both gained it all back in like 2 years and are starting all over again from square one.