Weekend report

Last weekend found us in Austria again, this time with Oliver’s sister Caro and her husband Jan. Of course we hauled tons of ski gear over and didn’t go once, thanks to the wintery weather. Instead we got good use out of our snow shoes and hiking boots as we scaled the mountain by gondola and on foot, going from lodge to lodge, stopping to visit friends, drink fluids and play cards. Of course we took a few pictures along the way.

Three trekkers.jpg

At the very top of the mountain visibility was about zero, with snow blowing sideways, giving everything the look of having sprouted wings.

Snow signs.jpg

We stuck together, slid and followed gravity down the slope, ready to dive out of the way if a skier emerged out of the white-out.

which way.jpg

take the lead.jpg

Few people were out due to the weather. Those we did encounter were locals pretty much wintering on the mountain. Some obviously did not make it down into the valley much… and neither did their dogs.


It has been a long lonely winter for some.



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