It surely is

For those who haven’t been on the receiving end of emails from me whining about the weather, a heads-up. We have some serious snow in Munich right now. Talk about bad timing. I would have loved this if it had happened in December, but now it’s just too damn late to be charming.

On Sunday we woke up to total silence in the neighborhood. Strange, total, silence. When we went out to pick up rolls for breakfast we discovered why.

All above-ground local transportation was shut down by snow Saturday night and remains disturbed today. My morning commute took twice as long as it should have been. Huge piles of snow lay on the ground, blocking empty parking spaces, narrowing the streets by a lane or sometimes two.

I saw a car using chains to go down a main street on Sunday, it was the only way it could keep traction.

It was still beautiful though. A neighbor of mine did a better job of capturing and describing it.

Good to be home and in bed during such weather.


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