No need for Prozac

Oliver came home the other night asking me what was wrong, why was I all depressed and spewing misery all over the Internet? I hadn’t really considered the last post depressing until I re-read it with his comments in mind… I guess the picture also casts a lonely shadow over the whole thing too.

No, I am not the verge of tossing myself in front a train, only guilty of being a little too introspective online. It’s not my fault though. Those of you reading (yes I know at least some people do) who are also in Europe and/or Germany are probably suffer from the same illness at the moment. The Germans call it:

Pulloverdepression or in English: Sweater depression

Who else out there is sick to death of the SNOW and ICE? Hands??

A little over a week ago we had a HUGE dump of snow inside of about 36 hours. Inside the city of Munich it was an easy two feet. On Sunday we awoke to complete silence on the streets, street cars, buses and above-ground trains were all brought to a stop and for a few days we climbed over mountains to do simple tasks like open doors, cross streets and get down the block.

had this been November I would have been giddy. But it is March and that means it is time for Spring, new leaves, warm breezes, outdoor tables at my favorite cafes and the like.

My sweaters are pilling, my coat sleeves are tattered (velcro bag, bad decision), my skin is dry, my hair is full of static, my scarf is no longer soft and lovely and I am growing weary of my once-cute winter boots.

I want to be wearing a skirt, feel it brushing against my bare legs as I sit in the warm evening air and get served ice cream and prosecco.

I am highly offended that mother nature has not made many moves towards meeting this demand other than to melt a bit of the snow so I no longer have to tuck my pants into my shoes.

Enough already, I’m ready for short sleeves!


2 responses to “No need for Prozac

  1. I’ve worn holes in my wool socks, my body is still aching from trying to control sliding on the four inches of solid ice on the sidewalk, and my coat feels like it weighs a hundred pounds. I was able to take a few days off in a warmer climate, but wasn’t prepared for winter’s persistence here. I’m over it.

  2. I’m thinking if I switch to wearing skirts and get a pedicure it will work magic and hasten the advent of Spring. I’m down to desperate actions…