What a way to make a living

Part of this meloncholy is light burn-out from working an 80 hour week last week due to a last minute project I had to see through, start to finish. It was a lot of responsibility and I learned a lot, but I am b e a t.

Highlight was a planning meeting where this quote emerged:

“Reaming comes before insertion every time right?”

In context it totally made sense.

I was the only one who giggled. Thank the stars I smothered it with a cough.


6 responses to “What a way to make a living

  1. Tee hee. Was this stated in English, or is it translated from German?

  2. From Genglish actually, it went like this:

    “‘Reaming’ kommt immer bevor ‘Insertion’, oder?”

    Picture a group of five men gathered around a table late at night, and all of them nodding seriously at this question.

    How they didn’t laugh, I’ll never know.

  3. snicker.

    I still laugh my ass off every time I pick up my copy of Rick Steve’s ‘Europe, through the back door’.

  4. *crickets*

    I never thought of that! Now he’s forever changed in my eyes…just like when I learned you could sing every Emily Dickenson poem to the Yellow Rose of Texas…can’t read her without humming it.

  5. Too funny! I am such a 12-year-old boy.

    And, seriously, I really need to get myself a copy of Europe Through the Back Door!!!

  6. I can imagine a lot of Leather Daddies and Teddy Bears showing up, book in hand, really confused…