The next step

Spent the weekend in Bremen meeting with florists, musicians and non-denominational-non-pastors-who-will-marry-us-outside-of-the-church in preparation for our fast-approaching wedding. In two weeks I fly home in a whirlwind to pick up the dress and paperwork required to prove I am worthy to take a German off the market.

Having dragged ourselves in the door at 9:30, we unpacked and then I hauled Oliver into the tub to try out one of my new bathbombs from LUSH. He went willingly without a whimper and didn’t object to the girly perfume or the oils softening his skin. Walking past the bedroom, I see he’s now laying on the bedding, watching tv, the glitter from the “Curse of the Black Pearl” bathball glistening on his skin.

One thing is pretty clear: He’s gone ‘straight’ past metrosexual to brokeback.


4 responses to “The next step

  1. HA! Funny, Megan.

    If you have any free time during your whirlwind trip here for a quick hello, let me know. I’d love to see you.

  2. Hi Christy! If you guys have time I’d love to see you! I fly in on Wednesday and will get a cushy hotel room somewhere…I’m thinking maybe cocktails? Not too many though, I have to do my final fitting for my dress at 10 am sharp the next day…

    (Last time I saw the dressmaker I was so hungover I thought I was going to die, a definate No when trying on a corset.)

  3. This coming Wednesday, March 29? I’m available for cocktails! TM is in Ohio until the 30th so it’ll just be you and me. I agree, not too many. I don’t want to go to work hungover either.

    What time do you get in? Do you need a ride from the airport? Where are you staying? My I’m inquisitive!


  4. Christy,

    Allrighty, I’ll send you an email. I’ve got a hotel lined up near Union Square (hopefully not the one with tooo many hookers on the corner). I land just before six and it’ll take a while to get through baggage claim. Looking forward to seeing you! -Megan