Paper trail

The countdown continues and Oliver and I are (trying) to step up the pace of preparations to match the speed with which the Big Day seems to be approaching. The weekend before last started with an early trip to the Standesamt (Registry office) to find out, once and for all, what paperwork we need to get married. These requirements vary from city to city and have varied a lot since we first became a couple (yes, I checked a while ago… of course). A few years back it seemed that the German government needed to see the pedigree papers for my great-grandfather’s dog for them to grant us permission to marry. Even last year I would have had to produce proof of a crime-free background and my parent’s marriage certificate (or lack thereof I suppose).

In our favor (perhaps) is the fact that Germany is having a population problem. This has been going on for a while and shows no sign of getting better. On the news we’re hearing about small towns in the former East Germany that are so lacking in kids that the schools have all closed and families are offered incentives like free minivans, subsidized rent and babysitters if they stick around and procreate.

The crisis has trickled down enough to influence the laws about Germans marrying foreign chicks, which means yeah for me! Along with marriages to women from Russia, the Phillippeans and Thailand, getting hitched to Americans just got easier.

We went in and sat in an office last Friday and had the nice lady check all the boxes on the form that said what we needed to provide in order to legally bind one to another forever and ever.

Oliver had like four boxes checked and other than my passport I had only one.


On Wednesday I fly to the US to ‘pick up my paperwork’ and my wedding dress. Other than the assorted wedding-related misc. all I have to get paperwork-wise is a re-print of my birth certificate.

But not just any birth certificate, some special version, and only that version will do. My Dad, being helpful, keeps emailing me updates of what he has:

Have copy of one birthcertificate made out for Megan Dixon… (blah blah blah)

Well apparently that’s not quite enough.

Talking to Oliver I confirmed that something else had to be included in the birth certificate called a…





So, now that that’s settled, I’ll be in the US later in the week to finalize my dress and pick up my paperwork..anyone in town who wants to meet up???


3 responses to “Paper trail

  1. Why am I picturing you signing a form promising to produce 2.5 children within the first four years of your ‘union’? lol

  2. trust me I’m a bit nervous about the expectations coming. There may be a low birth rate but children are THE hot topic everywhere. Every time I say i’m getting married people look at my waist line, as if that could be the only reason…

    You still get the feeling that women are mothers first and foremost in germany. The general expectation is that once you have kids you never work full time again, which is probably why there’s low rate now, women have jobs and don’t want to give that up.

    I’m not quite clear on how all of that will work with me. I have a little time left before Oliver’s nesting instinct goes into overtime.

    At least I have a cleaning lady…

  3. she can double as the nanny!