(blink) Hello Munich

I’m back, and I was barely gone to begin with.

Everyone keeps saying, “Welcome back from vacation” and I feel more like I’ve come back from a business trip. Visiting, shopping and running errands is close enough to work that I feel I deserved my business class seats – both ways.

Lufthansa is the only way to fly.

My girl on the inside moved mountains and got me into the upper echelons of airborne society for the ride in, and I covered my way back with miles.

Champagne before take-off, three course menu with a decent wine selection, fully reclining seats, 20 entertainment channels that can be paused and started to suit the individual viewer, window in the toilet? Renee got it right when she said, “it’s not just a better seat, it’s a better way of life.”

Which is pretty cruel once you realize which side of the velvet rope you really fall behind… for the moment anyway.


2 responses to “(blink) Hello Munich

  1. Of the 3 times I’ve flown Lufthansa they’ve lost my luggage twice. I’m iffy on them… lol.

  2. For someone who doesn’t really like flying I do it rather often, so every little thing in the air counts. Lufthansa has lost mine too, but so has everyone else. For me the service and experience when I’m stuck in the air matters a lot. At least when the luggage goes astray I’m on the ground by the time I know about it and not sandwiched between vacationers with fannypacks, paying 5 dollars or euros for a glass of wine to help me sleep through it all.

    For that Lufthansa gets thumbs up and US Airways gets the biggest thumbs down. That airline is cheap for a very good reason. My advice is to stay clear of that one at all costs.