The Looong Long Day

It is now 12:38am, early on Thursday morning.

Damn the neighbors and issues about the sound of running water, I have a hot bath and one cold glass of white waiting for me to toast the ending of a very long day indeed. The event I will briefly share with you before taking the plunge.

The long long day.jpg

Wednesday morning

6:45 Alarm first sounds, unable to move eyelids. Commence snoozing.

7:25 Get up, grumpy.

8:30 Realize there is no way you will finish drying my hair and get dressed in two minutes, resign self to taking the next train.

8:40 Now dressed, help Oliver clean up for the cleaning lady (I know the irony kills me to, we never clean in the morning or on weekdays…or weekends for that matter).

8:52 Arrive on time for the train, manage to buy pretzel (starving). Go down to platform, hear announcement that an accident has just happened and that no trains will run in the foreseable future.

8:53 Turn right around to escalator and go right back up to the surface. Look at grey skies.

8:55 Commence walking with Oliver to train station on the edge of town where trains should be running. Glance at watch and realize there is no way you’ll make the next train either. Ask self when the bus stops running every 20 minutes to your office from the end-destination.

8:57 Check phone message to find colleague will be sick today and you are to write an entire advertising and marketing campaign alone because the agency they hired quit at the last minute.

9:00 Kiss Oliver goodbye and go to platform to wait. Find right platform immediately but the sign says you have another 17 minutes before the next train comes.

9:03 Wait.

9:04 Realize you won’t get to read your book because the sweet young intern, whose name you can’t remember if you ever knew it, is waiting too and wants to chat.

9:06 Realize you won’t get to eat pretzel either.

9:17 Get on train.

9:35 Get off train in the boonies and check bus schedule. Reason that with a whole campaign to write you probably shouldn’t wait 20 minutes for the next bus.

9:37 Go to buy coffee in local bakery. Turn around to see Most Annoying Expat Colleague With Loud Voice and realize it’s better to walk than to have to either a) sit with him and kill time in the bakery or b) sit apart from him to wait and hear him ask loudly SO MEGAN HOW COME YOU WON’T SIT WITH ME?

9:39 Commence walking.

9:40 Realize sweet intern is trailing you and you will not be able to a) eat your pretzel or b) listen to iPod as both are anti-social.

9:41 See the snow start to fall. Remind yourself that it is April damn it. Remember that your gloves and hat are in the closet at home and you have no pockets in this coat.

9:58 Reach work. Hair looks like a typhoon hit it.

10:00 Commence writing frenzy, fielding phone calls and pleas for special help “just for a second”.

12:00 Realize it is noon and you have no time for lunch.

12:03 Remember pretzel.

12:04 Pretzel is stale.

12:06 Get more coffee, keep writing.

18:30 Watch everyone else around you leave, you remain seated.

21:45 Leave work with colleague, you are the last ones in the whole complex except for your manager who was last seen hunched over a lap top eating cold pizza.

22:30 Standing in front of your building you remember where you left your keys: your bedroom.

22:31 You call Oliver. His voicemail answers and you remember he is at the sauna. You realize he normally comes home from sauna at about 2 am. You leave message and go find empty pub.

23:00 Oliver comes to your rescue, but you’ve just order food and a glass of wine. Oliver leaves the keys and you eat.

23:55 Finally home. Home is clean.

24:00 / 00:00 Good to be home.


2 responses to “The Looong Long Day

  1. At least now you’re right in the middle of a four-day weekend. Man, it sure was nice of jesus to die for us AND come back to life three days later. Sets us up for the perfect friday/monday off combo.

  2. Yes Mrs. B, we are entering a great time in Germany. After a long cold winter, along with flowers and rain, comes the holidays. Only one town in Germany has more holidays than Bavaria. For the next few months, rarely will two weeks go by without one holiday tucked away inside.

    Add a min. of 24 days mandatory holiday and you realize Germans have no reason to be as griping and grumpy as they are…