What’s black, yellow, and all over?

For the next seven days, my friends in San Francisco will be able to see signs of me in the city, provided they keep their eyes peeled.

No, sorry, I am still in Munich.

Thanks to an agency that backed off the job at the last minute, I got my chance to put my stamp on a big campaign that goes public in the City next week. So since I got back from vacation, I’ve been chained to my desk, glued to my computer, slaving away writing copy, copy, and more copy.

This leaves little juice left for a cute pink website. But I hope to recharge my batteries and be back in good form again soon.

But if you’re in the city, and you’re downtown, if you look closely on taxis, revolving billboards and sandwhich boards, you may just find a little bit of me floating around. Peek into the Moscone Center and wander downtown.

If all else fails, go to Union Square and “look me up”, if you will…

Here’s a hint:


There! Do you see it?

That’s my apostrophe. Had it not been for me, bad grammar would have been buzzing above your heads like angry bees.



2 responses to “What’s black, yellow, and all over?

  1. Thanks, and if I may say: impressive apostrophe usage yourself there! 🙂