Tip for the men

Wednesday morning Oliver walked me to the train to see me off to work, kissed me goodbye and jumped on a plane to Abu Dhabi.

I only realized last week that he was a) leaving yesterday (and not in two weeks) and b) going for 10 days. In theory he had told me these two things, and his mind he did, clearly. But in my mind I think some of the important details were sandwiched in between something else so I wouldn’t really note or react to it.

Somehow he got it past me that he was going for ten days – officially because of tickets prices and not because the weather is a dream and it’s still snowing in Germany.

I really can’t be too annoyed because he has a mission to accomplish that is his main reason for going over just six weeks before our wedding:

Wedding rings

Oliver is no typical German in that he’ll walk an extra ten blocks in order to save 40 cents on milk. But he will fly across the world in order to save half the cost of a ring and thereby serious sales tax. The UAE has such a strong market in luxury goods and so little need for taxes that everything is significantly cheaper – if you can get there. Olli has the advantage of being able to bunk with Dad and not pay for a hotel room.

In case you’re in the neighborhood, you can find him every morning sitting in the sun, having a Bloody Mary here:
Dad's house.jpg

He called me this afternoon to boast that the major items had been purchased, namely my ring. After asking if it was ok if the diamonds were bigger, he informed me that he still hadn’t found his ring that we’d picked out together because the store he’d been in didn’t deal in such low costs items.

Glad to know my ring comes from people with standards. Now let’s just hope he’s found the right way to get it into the country, we don’t want my ring knowing him more intimately than I do.


4 responses to “Tip for the men

  1. Oh, I am so thinking Pulp Fiction, Christopher Walken & the watch.

  2. Hopefully the diamonds aren’t too big…

  3. …my butt hurts!

  4. And I thought buying the ring was supposed to be the hardest part! Just be sure, before you ‘hide’ it, that you know how to find it again sweetie.