Winter is over

It is over.

Just in case you all were curious. It snowed last week a teensey bit and you could just tell Winter’s heart wasn’t in it anymore. It had finally gone done and blowed itself out.

Because of the buildings and sun position, in winter our street is always cast in shadows. Looking down towards the middle of town*, you can see the trees are turning bright green with tiny little leaf buds, one by one, creeping up our way as the sun starts to actually hit them during the daytime.

For the past week you can hear noises through the window as life has been gradually moving back outside into friendlier weather. The other day the birds were singing like they were being forced to at gunpoint, which made me wish I had one so I could shut them up.

It’s all spring-y out there.

Yesterday I walked from Ostbahnhof (the east train station) home and it was so warm I had to take off my jacket. I walked home in only a t-shirt.

It’s official then.

Hi Spring. Where the hell have you been??

(*NOTE: I would have provided a picture of the creeping tree greenness, except that my soon-to-be husband went and took the camera to Middle East. Since he’s been there he’s had two all-nighters in clubs with a pack of rabid expats and a bachelor party on some traditional arab boat in the Gulf. Has he taken any pictures? NO. Forget watches, I’m thinking we need his/her digital cameras.)


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