Do Chickens Have Talons?

Oliver just called me from bed in Abu Dhabi to inform that me at this moment, Napolean Dynamite is playing in English with Arab subtitles on regular TV.

What are you goin to Pedro?

I dunno, build her a cake or something.

This movie hasn’t even hit Germany yet.


2 responses to “Do Chickens Have Talons?

  1. Wow… no napoleon dynamite here? The neighbors must think we’re really mean then when they hear us yelling “tina, you fat lard, come eat your dinner” at mealtimes.

  2. I saw a preview in a theatre and then…nothing. It may have been and gone so fast I missed it, but so far I have seen nothing in the theatre and nothing in the video stores.

    Germans and humor…hmmm… maybe they just didn’t get it.